5 Pro Tips for Skin Care in Winter


Winter is beautiful but could very well terrorize your skin. Your peel may get dry, itchy, and irritated by the low temperatures outside.

While indoor temperature sucks moisture from the air and your skin, winter makes your skin feel rough. It may also cause problems such as acne, eczema, and severely dry peel. I have listed 5 pro tips below that you can follow to take proper care of your skin during winter.


  1. Keep your body hydrated
  2. Choose an aloe vera cleanser
  3. Wear warm and nonirritating clothes
  4. Pick up an organic night cream
  5. Find the best herbal face wash for you

1. Keep your body hydrated

The air is drier in the winter season, be it in your bedroom or outside. And as a direct result, water easily evaporates from your body leaving it dry. You need to drink plenty of water to keep your peel hydrated. To regulate the moisture level indoor, you could even install a humidifier.

Rather than gulping, try to drink water slowly multiple times throughout the day. A perfect way to remain hydrated in winter is to consume warm drinks such as natural ginger or lemon tea. It makes you feel warm, hydrated, and cozy all at the same time.


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2. Choose an aloe vera cleanser

There is no secret to the fantastic skin advantages of aloe vera. It has been used for centuries to cleanse the skin from pollutants and form a soothing effect. It has excellent properties for antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and peel healing. It battles against the adverse effects of pollution and UV rays on the skin as well.

Aloe vera is filled with a lot of enriching benefits. It brings back your peel tone and natural glow effectively. Choosing a cleanser will result in wonders for your skin during winters. We recommend using Urvija’s Aloe Vera Cleanser as it is all-natural and free of palm oil.


3. Wear warm and nonirritating clothes

Dry winter skin can be caused by winter clothes. Avoid woolen and harsh clothing from contacting your skin directly. These clothes can cause dry skin to become uncomfortable and scratchy. Wear light clothes made from soft, breathable fabrics. You may put your warmer sweaters on above the layer of a shirt.

Use winter gloves to protect your hands. Choose a pair that is skin-friendly. We suggest putting on cotton glove liners first if you’re wearing thicker gloves.


4. Pick up an organic night cream

Select your night cream carefully. In order to preserve essential hydrating elements in your skin and eliminate any harmful substances, we highly recommend using organic products.

To preserve moisture on your skin before you sleep, adding an creams organic night cream is a must. With the usage of products such as Urvija’s all-natural Marigold Butter Cream, your skin will find its natural glow.


mCaffeine: India's First Caffeinated Skin & Hair Care Brand


5. Find the best herbal face wash for you

Everyone wants fine, radiant skin, but not everyone takes the right steps to heal it. Have you tried a herbal face wash yet? If not, it’s time to give it some more thought.

When you are out, your skin is exposed to pollutants and dust. Applying chemical-based products to your skin makes it more vulnerable to infections and diseases. The dirt particles close the skin pores and make it tough for the skin to breathe. Chemical-based products form another thick layer and worsen this issue. Finding a herbal face wash can help you get rid of such issues.

Winter is not just about welcoming and planning for the bonfire nights with the warmest clothing and boots. It’s about upgrading the normal skincare routine to the one that’s season-proof.

No matter the weather, most of us stick with the same skincare products and forget what our skin needs, notably in winter conditions. Maybe this changes now?


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