Best Ayurvedic Scrub For Oily Skin


We all know how rejuvenating scrub is for our skincare routine. It removes all the dirt from our skin surface and helps us glow and enjoy softer skin. So it is essential to choose the best ayurvedic scrub for oily skin . These help to unclog the dirt inside your little pores. However, there are some questions you ask yourself before investing in scrubbing.


Is scrubbing essential for oily skin?

Scrubbing is an essential part of our daily routine, especially if you have oily skin. As we get exposed to pollution, dust and dirt, our skin covers extra layers of dead skin cells on top of our skin layer. Thus, it becomes necessary to clean and remove this layer to show off the skin’s glowing.


How scrubbing helps physically?

Scrubbing is not only beneficial for your face but your body too. It regularly clears the stocked up hard and dead skin to maintain the healthy and soft skin beneath it. If you scrub daily and remove the dead cells, you can avoid pigmentation and scarring, which you always curse in summers.

The action of scrubbing restores the lymphatic system underneath the skin layers for eliminating the piled up toxins. Stimulation of the lymphatic system helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Also, if you scrub in the direction of your heart, it removes the blockage of the lymph duct.


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How scrubbing helps mentally?

As soon as you start your scrubbing process, it hit your mood to lighten up. This mood is because it restores multiple senses altogether. The scent also, which the producer mix in the ayurvedic scrub, affects your mind somehow, giving you calmness. Moreover, if it is of walnut and sandalwood, it gives you perfect relaxation, which you desire before bedtime.


How to use a scrub?

Your entire body’s skin contains dead cells as when the cells die; they do not fall off your skin; they remain stuck on it. So to avoid these slow skin cell rot on the skin surface, we need to cleanse it. However, if you do not clean them, it will cause a problem like pigmentation, hair loss, bad feet, and much more. Furthermore, to get the shine and smoothness back, you need to exfoliate in the right way. So here we are to teach you the best way to exfoliate your skin:


Face scrub

It would help if you scrubbed or exfoliate or your face skin twice per week. This scrubbing can convert your skin texture from piled-up rotten dead cells to healthy and bright cells underneath ones. This texture means you will get back your most glowing complexion, which you were missing for so long. However, do not exaggerate scrubbing; twice per week is enough as it may have reverse consequences.


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If you have oily skin, it is obvious you will have an oily scalp too. So it is also essential for you to scrub your scalp again. When you always shampoo scratch away, this helps in two way. It will remove all the dead flakes, and dandruff will stop, the second this restore hair follicles, lessening hair fall. Thus, when you remove the dead cells from the scalp, you stimulate blood flow and prevent clogged follicles.


Body scrub

A body scrub is equally essential as scrubbing your face. This importance will get even more visible when you have a rough patch of skin or any other random symptom when you will not remove clogged pores. So it is best to clean your face, hair, shoulders, feet, etc., and remove all the dirt and dead cells. For scrubbing, use exfoliating soap, mild agent, and all-over body scrub.



If you are not using it to date, you will surely understand why you need it. And if you do, you now know how to use it in the best way.


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